Satoshi Battles
Open Beta

Satoshi Battles is a cryptocurrency based online MMORPG.
Leveling, PVP Arena Matching, Gear progression, cosmetics, quests, events and much more!

Game Features:
Satoshi Battles

Satoshi Battles is a cryptocurrency based online MMORPG (Massive Multiplate Online Role Playing Game). Whether you want to play casually and just level up and collect satoshi's and gears or you want to battle other players in the pvp arena, Satoshi Battles got you covered! Players can choose between 6 different classes at this point, 4 designed for doing damage, one designed for defence and another specifically designed for hunting Satoshi's (BTC) and gears!

This game has a unique fast paced combat gameplay and it's main focus is PvP and leveling, you enter various events or arena's to PvP against other players or you enter an amazing open world to level and grind!

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VIP Membership
Premium Gameplay
Cosmetic Pack
All current Mount Skins
All Wings Skins
All current Armor Skins
All current Weapon skins

30-day VIP Gold
VIP Hairstyles
VIP Armor Skin
VIP Mount
Remote Teleport
Remote Warehouse
Team Teleport
Remote Item Repair
10% Extra LVL Experience
VIP Effect
VIP Icon+Title

Character Skin Pack
Per month
All current Armor skins
All current weapon skins
Satoshi Spirit Effect
1x Double EXP Potion

How to Start
Start Playing Now
Satoshi Battles has not been released as open-beta yet however once released simply follow the steps below to get started.
Download the Satoshi Battles game client and finish the installation process - windows compatible.
Open the game client and use your desired username and password, your account will automatically registrate upon first login.
Create a Character
At your first login you'll be able to choose between all 4 classes, once you selected your class you'll need to pick a size and a character name, after that you'll be relogged and you can play the game!
BTC Deposit / Withdraw
You can both deposit and withdraw Bitcoin automatically by finding the "Satoshi Manager" in-game who is located in the main market map next to the warehouse/bank, you can also type /bitcoin in the chat.